El Ceibal (day 11) - stuck in the Mud

photo: we, pushing our bus out of the mud...we were just returning from our first maya-site El Ceibal. We were in the middle of nowhere. It was the late afternoon and we had just been attacked by killermosquitoes on the site.
It was hot like hell.
then three of us went out for help. Julio the boss sent his driver after them, 'cos it was to dangerous in the region (we learned that afterwards)...the wind was blowing the clouds together that gathered above our sweating heads..when the rain came falling from the darkening sky and we fled for shelter in the stinking muddy bus full of insects and attacking mosquitoes and we waited in the pouring rain and night, deadly tired, wet and filthy...we ate cookies and we heared a strange kind of noise from the depth of the woods...horrifying but not many among us seem to hear it...later we were told that it were howler monkeys...
Finally arrived at the hotel, two of us had to be taken to the hospital due to allergic reactions of the mosquitoes and some bad feelings.
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