Viajaré al Mundo Latino- COSTA RICA de 3 mayo a 29 mayo y CUBA de 29 mayo a 17 junio - La Pura Vida!

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Some pix form my guatemala-trip

Hi everyone,
Hope you all did enjoy reading my travelreport of my Guatemala and Honduras trip in 2006. Now it's time for central- American and Caribbean lands: COSTA RICA and CUBA.
We're in Costa Rica from 3 may till 29 june 2006. We're residing for two weeks in the turtleproject of La Tortuga Feliz and then we're travelling the rest of Costa Rica a bit. Om 29 may we fly to Panama City with Copa Airlines and then to Havana, Cuba. We return to Belgium the 17th of june and arrive here sunday 18th june, evening.

travel info Costa Rica:
General dutch site: Travelmarker.
Fascination Costa Rica: different language choice general info.
Costa Rica homepage
Visit Costa Rica!
Costa Rica general info
different maps of costa rica

travel info CUBA:
Routard Guide français

Solola - market Guatemala - Lake atitlan
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bruis en broebel zoals een echte lord dat doet
'be overwelmed'

just to say: nice journey to you jeronimo!
look forward to see pictures!

Gepost door: ac | 02-05-06

bon voyage ... 'k volg je hier op de voet!

Gepost door: MJ | 04-05-06

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